Spa Services

Spa services at La Lomita include:

  • massage
  • Finnish sauna
  • natural, spring-fed, chemical free pool

Massage is provided on site and in the location of your choosing.  Guests are particularly fond of the gazebo, where they can enjoy mountain views, a fresh breeze, and the never-ending energy of the hummingbirds, but any other place is just as nice!

Our Finnish sauna is powered by a wood fired stove & strategically located next to the natural, spring-fed, chemical free pool.  Situated in the privacy of the forest, the combination of sauna & cold water pool are nothing short of an extraordinarily invigorating, refreshing experience.  If you have never sweated in a sauna & then dipped into mountain spring water–you are in for a treat! Just like earthing at the beach or in the forest, many a guest have spoken of the spiritual experiences they’ve had, while at the pool.  The pool water is sourced from an underground spring on the property and flows through at a continuous rate.  Copper and silver solar powered ionizers, manual filtration, & routine maintenance keep it pristine & hygienic.

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